The main deposit contract for LP tokens

The booster.sol is our main deposit contract for LP tokens.

//main Convex contract(booster.sol) basic interface
interface IConvex{
    //deposit into convex, receive a tokenized deposit.  parameter to stake immediately
    function deposit(uint256 _pid, uint256 _amount, bool _stake) external returns(bool);
    //burn a tokenized deposit to receive curve lp tokens back
    function withdraw(uint256 _pid, uint256 _amount) external returns(bool);

Pool Info

To gather pool information access the poolInfo array

//number of pools
var poolLength = await booster.poolLength()
//get information for pool "n"
var poolInfo = await booster.poolInfo(n)

Pool information is returned in the following struct.

struct PoolInfo {
        address lptoken;
        address token;
        address gauge;
        address crvRewards;
        address stash;
        bool shutdown;

lptoken: the underlying token(ex. the curve lp token) token: the convex deposit token(a 1:1 token representing an lp deposit). The supply of this token can be used to calculate the TVL of the pool gauge: the curve "gauge" or staking contract used by the pool crvRewards: the main reward contract for the pool stash: a helper contract used to hold extra rewards (like snx) on behalf of the pool until distribution is called shutdown: a shutdown flag of the pool


There are two deposit commands, deposit() and depositAll(). Depositing into the booster will return a "deposit token" as a receipt. This token can be staked in the rewards contract to earn CRV and other rewards.

//deposit into a pool "n" and receive the deposit token
await booster.deposit( n, amount, false )

//deposit into a pool "n" and immediately stake into the rewards contract
await booster.deposit( n, amount, true )

//deposit all lp tokens for pool "n" and stake into the rewards contract
await booster.depositAll( n, true )


There are two withdraw commands, withdraw() and withdrawAll(). By burning a convex deposit token you can receive the underlying LP token.

//withdraw from pool "n"
await booster.withdraw( n, amount )

//withdraw all from pool "n"
await booster.withdrawAll( n )

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