CVX Minting

CVX is minted whenever a user claims CRV.

This means that all LP pools, as well as the cvxCRV rewards pool will mint CVX when claiming CRV rewards from the pool. Take note that CVX pool does not mint more CVX, as rewards received is cvxCRV and not vanilla CRV.

Mint formula

The amount of CVX minted is determined pro-rata for how much CRV was claimed, with the conversion rate decreasing as CVX supply increases (max 100 million) in the form of cliff drop offs.

let cliffSize = 100000 * 1e18; //new cliff every 100,000 tokens
let cliffCount = 1000; // 1,000 cliffs
let maxSupply = 100000000 * 1e18; //100 mil max supply

uint GetCVXMintAmount( uint crvEarned ){
    //first get total supply
    let cvxTotalSupply = await cvx.totalSupply();
    //get current cliff
    let currentCliff = cvxTotalSupply / cliffSize;
    //if current cliff is under the max
    if(currentCliff < cliffCount ){
        //get remaining cliffs
        let remaining = cliffCount  - currentCliff;
        //multiply ratio of remaining cliffs to total cliffs against amount CRV received
        var cvxEarned = crvEarned * remaining / cliffCount;
        //double check we have not gone over the max supply
        var amountTillMax = maxSupply - cvxTotalSupply;
        if(cvxEarned >  amountTillMax){
            cvxEarned = amountTillMax;
        return cvxEarned;
    return 0;

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