CVX Locking (vlCVX)

CVX must be locked as vlCVX to participate in the voting process.

Quick Overview

  • CVX is locked for 16 weeks (plus X number of days until the next Thursday)

  • Weekly epochs begin at Thursday 0:00 UTC

  • Voting power will be 0 after depositing until the next epoch

  • Each deposit/lock is grouped into weekly locks. These locks' unlock time are independent of each other. Voting power is the sum of all non-expired locks

  • Expired locks can still gain platform fees. However can be forcefully kicked (with an incentive to the kicker) if left unclaimed for too long


An example implementation can be found here:

Important: In order for the locking contract to participate in snapshot proposals, the contract must be able delegate to a EOA address or implement EIP1271 in order to sign for voting.

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