Multisig Admin Rights

Multisig Address

Multisig Members (3 of 5)

  • C2tP - Convex Finance

  • Winthorpe - Convex Finance

  • Charlie - Curve Finance

  • Tommy - Votium

  • Sam - Frax Finance

Convex Finance multisig can perform the following functions

  • Update the stash factory.

    • This is to make sure we can handle new gauge types on the Curve platform. Stashes control extra rewards (SNX, BOR, PNT, LDO, etc) by claiming them from the curve gauge and transferring them to Convex reward contracts.

  • Update the pool manager.

    • This is to make sure we can handle new types of pools on the Curve platform and/or add rules to adding new pools if needed.

  • Control the arbitrator vault.

    • Before Curve v3 gauges, if two gauges have the same extra reward (currently stkAave) it is impossible to tell exactly how much each pool is entitled to. Thus if two pools share the same reward, these rewards are pushed to an arbitrator vault to later use off chain logs and redistribute to the appropriate pools.

  • Change platform fees allocated to stakers within hard-coded ranges.

    • 10-15% for cvxCRV stakers rewards

    • 3-6% for CVX staker rewards

    • 0-2% for "treasury" fees. (This is an arbitrary address that can be used for various functions, thus the low limit of 2%)

    • 0.1 - 1.0% for "caller" fees. Gas reimbursement for calling gas heavy functions to harvest and distribute rewards.

    • There is an absolute fee ceiling of 20%

  • Set the "treasury address" and allocate up to 2% of platform fees back to this address.

  • Controls the Convex Treasury Account. (info)

  • Vote for Curve DAO proposals.

  • Vote for Curve gauge weights.

  • Set distribution weights on the Convex Master Chef.

  • Shutdown/pause new deposits to Curve Pool staking contracts.

    • Allows users to withdraw all funds

  • Shutdown/pause new deposits to everything .

    • Allows users to withdraw all funds

  • Apply a new "operator" on the whitelisted proxy contract if and ONLY if the current operator is completely shutdown.

    • After removing all liquidity from convex, the system can be shutdown and rebooted as a new version.

  • vlCVX: add a new reward

  • vlCVX: change distributor of each reward type

  • vlCVX: set Staking ratio of locked cvx

  • vlCVX: set boost parameters for vlCVX

  • vlCVX: set the kick incentive for vlCVX

  • vlCVX: recover non-reward erc20 tokens

  • vlCVX: shutdown vlCVX contract. (allows everyone to withdraw immediately)

Admin controls do not have access to user funds or other dangerous calls and thus time-lock delays are not required.

Convex Finance multisig does NOT have direct access to user deposits. If there is anything that invalidates this statement, please disclose.

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