cvxCRV (Tokenized veCRV)

  • Tokenized deposits, minted 1:1 for each CRV locked in the platform.
  • Stake to receive platform fees(CRV), CVX, and veCRV rewards(3Crv).

cvxFXS (Tokenized veFXS)

  • Tokenized deposits, minted 1:1 for each FXS locked in the platform.
  • Stake cvxFXS / FXS LP tokens to receive platform fees (FXS).

Convex Token (CVX)

  • Stake to receive a share of platform fees as cvxCRV.
  • In the future, CVX will be used for voting, such as gauge weights.
  • CVX is minted pro-rata for each CRV token claimed by Curve LP's on Convex.
    • CVX / CRV mint ratio reduces every 100k CVX
    • CVX Mint formula/code here


  • Max Supply: 100 million
  • 50% Curve LP rewards Rewarded pro-rata for CRV received on Convex
  • 25% Liquidity mining Distributed over 4 years. (Incentive programs, currently CVX/ETH and cvxCRV/CRV)
  • 9.7% Treasury Vested over 1 year. Used for future incentives or other community driven activities
  • 1% veCRV holders Instantly claimable airdrop
  • 1% veCRV holders who vote to whitelist Convex Instantly claimable airdrop
  • 3.3% Investors Vested over 1 year. 100% of investment funds used to pre-seed boost and locked forever(no cvxCRV minted).
  • 10% Convex Team Vested over 1 year