Converting CRV + staking cvxCRV

Converting CRV into cvxCRV and staking it on the platform

1. Navigate to the "Stake" page and then the "CRV" section.

Convert CRV section of the "Stake" main landing page

2. Enter the quantity of CRV tokens you would like to convert to cvxCRV. If it is your first time using the platform, you will have to approve your CRV tokens for use with the contract by pressing the "Approve" button.

Remember, this process is irreversible. You will not be able to convert cvxCRV to CRV using the platform.

Approve CRV tokens for convert and stake

3. Once tokens are approved and a valid quantity of tokens are entered in the field, click "Convert and Stake" to irreversibly convert CRV to cvxCRV and stake on the platform.

cvxCRV Staking Reward Ratio Interface

Users with staked cvxCRV can view their rewards vAPR by clicking the "My vAPR" info icon:

Additionally, users can see what the vAPR would be in the case of receiving rewards as 100% crvUSD or 100% governance tokens by clicking "Max vAPR" info icon:

Users wishing to change their reward distribution can do so by navigating to the "Rewards Preferences" tab (alternatively, you can also access this on the "Claim" page):

Note: Percentages do NOT represent USD values. Picking “80%/20%” does NOT mean you’ll be distributed $80 worth of gov tokens and $20 of stablecoins. If CRV+CVX rewards are one pie, and crvUSD rewards another pie, your reward preferences, alongside everybody else’s preferences, decide how big your slice of each pie is.

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