Understanding cvxFXN

Information regarding the cvxFXN and how to use it in Convex Finance

cvxFXN is tokenized veFXN

  • If a user deposits FXN into Convex, that FXN is locked forever on the platform as veFXN.

  • A tokenized version of veFXN, cvxFXN, is returned to the user at a 1:1 rate.

  • cvxFXN conversion is unidirectional. Liquidity pools may exist that allow users to swap cvxFXN for FXN tokens.

cvxFXN Staking

  • cvxFXN can be staked on Convex to receive a portion of fees one would get for staking their veFXN on Prisma Finance, as FXN.

Additionally, users staking cvxFXN may receive the platform native token CVX.

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