Convex for PRISMA Boosts

Information regarding recieving boosts through Convex

For Prisma Vaults:

Users with a lock weight are eligible to recieve boosted PRISMA emissions. Boost refers to a bonus on claimable PRISMA tokens that a Prisma Vault recieves based on its locked PRISMA weight through Prisma Finance.

Prisma Finance uses a mechanic called "Boost Delegation". At that point, users will have the chance to choose Convex to utilise Convex's lock weight & enjoy boosted rewards.

For Prisma LP's

Similar to the way Convex works for, Prisma LPs can enjoy socialized (and simplified) boosting mechanics for their LP positions when staked on Convex Finance.

Prisma may facilitate multiple liquidity pools from different protocols. All Prisma positions that is receiving PRISMA rewards will be able to choose Convex for boosting their rewards.

LP’s originating from will have the chance to be staked on Prisma and receive added boosts through Convex.

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