Voting and Gauge Weights

The Curve system allows veCRV holders to vote how CRV inflation is distributed by assigning weights to each pool's "gauge".

As a holder of veCRV, Convex Finance can participate in these voting procedures, and these voting rights are passed to vote locked CVX holders.

Voting Rules and Information:

  • Voting will be done via Snapshot.

  • Governance proposals are weighted respectively by their vlCVX vote outcome. Thus if 60% of vlCVX votes for YES and 40% for NO, Convex will submit an on chain vote for 60% YES and 40% NO.

  • Gauge weight votes will be bi-weekly, starting Thursdays at 00:00 UTC and ending on Tuesdays 00:00 UTC.

    • Other governance votes will be addressed as they arise.

  • Curve ownership governance votes will have a quorum of 15%; Curve parameter governance votes will have a quorum of 15%; gauge weight votes will not have a quorum.

  • Individual CVX holders may spread their votes among multiple pools in gauge weight votes.

  • Each gauge must receive at least 0.05% of the votes before weight is assigned.

Convex Finance multi-sig is still required to sign to establish outcomes of all CVX Snapshot votes, for both governance and Curve gauge weight votes. In almost all cases, we will vote in-line with CVX holders. However, Convex and Curve benefit each other, and proposals considered to be blatant attacks damaging either protocol will not be signed for.

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